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Simon’s Earthworks has established a reputation for providing high quality shoring systems throughout Sydney. Our range of modern piling rigs and techniques, ensures that your project is always delivered to meet or exceed your expectations, while providing bespoke solutions with an emphasis on safety, quality and technical expertise, from pre-start to completion.

We have the skills, experience and resources to undertake a wide range of shoring works, acting as principal contractor or as a sub-contractorOur experienced team pride themselves on being dedicated and providing skilled workmanship and knowledge  to meet the needs of any specific project.

Simon’s Earthworks understands the complexities of shoring systems due to the soil structure, depth of cut and ground water, weather conditions, superimposed loads, seismic loads, vibrations, and adjacent construction. Safety is of utmost importance and Simon’s Earthworks practices extreme caution during any excavation and shoring.

We understand the hazards associated with earth shoring and the importance of safety. Simon’s Earthworks are the shoring experts with experience and the full range of techniques to provide reliable earth shoring and retention systems for your project.

We use various types of shoring systems to suit any project

  • Driven Piling
  • Bored Piling
  • Injected Piles (CFA)
  • Contiguous Piling
  • Anchors (Temporary and Permanent)
  • Secant Pile Walls
  • Sheet Piles
  • Structural Steel Retention Systems

If you would like to know more information about our Shoring and Piling services email us with your project requirements.


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